29 July 2011

Netflix of the Week

To be honest, I couldn't finish this movie. It made me extremely uncomfortable. The basic idea of the movie is that Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling) fall head over heels in love, get married, raise a child, lose their dog, and now they don't really like each other. The cinematography is nice and I like Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, but the film was very hard to watch. I really wanted to like this movie, but I ended up feeling like I was watching something that I shouldn't be - someone else's private family moments, like when you're at a friend's house and their parents argue. It probably deserves the good reviews and attention that it's gotten, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

My rating: 3/5

If you've seen Blue Valentine, what did you think? What movies have you watched recently?

28 July 2011

TiLT #23

zen habits ♥ I'm a pretty big fan of zen habits and think that Leo offers relevant advice, but I have a lot of trouble following most of it. Every once in awhile I'll go on a zen habits binge and spend hours reading articles and imagining how wonderful my new, beautiful, simple life will be. I will get rid of paper! I will unplug from the Internet! I will wake up early! I will be creative! I will take public transportation! But then my real life happens and I remember that I really love sleeping and the Internet and paper (must be the English teacher in me). Hope springs eternal.

Push ups ♥ I realize that it might be weird to like push ups, but for some reason I really like doing them. And they don't bother my asthma! Every morning I put on Leighton Meester's "Summer Girl," open the push ups app on my phone, and go WILD. I also do sit ups and squats but I don't like those as much... squats are kinda fun 'cause they're easy to do but you definitely feel them the next day. Sit ups have no redeeming qualities.

Air conditioning ♥ Obviously I loved air conditioning before this week, but I have a new appreciation for it now. Yesterday, our apartment building shut off the air conditioning so they could do some maintenance; we were told it would take about four hours (Boyfriend was sure that this was an overestimation - "If I knew it would take me three hours, I'd tell you four hours, just to be safe!"). It ended up being over twelve hours without air conditioning. I really don't like being hot.

Natural medicine ♥ Since I am now without prednisone, without insurance, AND without a doctor, I've been researching other ways to control my asthma and sinusitis symptoms. I have an inhaler that I use when I'm feeling really wheezy, but I'm also going to be experimenting with some of Dr. Weil's suggestions for controlling asthma - in particular, cutting back on dairy and taking a quercetin supplement. Any other asthma sufferers/vegans/lactose intolerant folks out there with advice or recommendations?

Honorable Mention ♥ Sarah Pinto planners ♥ Captain America (surprisingly entertaining) ♥ phone interviews ♥ Dr. Weil's anti-inflammatory diet ♥ Animal Crossing ♥  reading whatever I want! (I threw my summer reading list out.. take that!) ♥ ginger ale ♥ purse guts ♥ Pinterest ♥ St. Louis Craft Beer Week ♥ 5-htp ♥ cinnamon gum ♥ Mad Men on Netflix Instant ♥ craigslist ♥ fresh fruit ♥ fall tv (anyone else kind of excited for Hart of Dixie?) ♥ lunch dates ♥ the library! ♥ living vicariously through FB ♥

What do you love this week?

26 July 2011

Mental + Physical Health

My posting has been pretty light lately and I want to talk about WHY.
I mentioned previously that I've had some chronic health issues and have been on the best worst drug, prednisone, for months. I found out last week that the prednisone train is stopping and I'm being kicked off - not voluntarily. My sinus issues have caused me to develop asthma, and without the prednisone, I have A LOT of trouble breathing. I'm still job hunting, which means I'm still uninsured and I'm broke, so I can't really afford to go to the doctor right now. Because I have a pre-existing condition, private insurance companies won't look at me and I'm not eligible for the state health insurance pool for a few more months. I understand my doctor's decision to take me off prednisone, but it's really frustrating to be left with pretty much NO options. I've been feeling AWFUL lately - emotionally and physically - and I know that these two things are related. You cannot underestimate how your physical health effects your emotional and mental health.

I've been trying to take care of myself in a way that nurtures health in both senses, but, you know, my emotional health wants brownies and pizza and that doesn't really benefit my physical health, so it's been a balancing act. If I'm honest, my emotional health usually wins, and prednisone LOVES storing fat (it is, after all, a stress hormone - fight or flight, baby) so I've gained a lot of weight.. which makes me feel badly for myself, which feeds right back into that emotional eating.

Going off prednisone is 90% completely terrifying to me and 10% exciting. I'm excited to not have to deal with all of these side effects, but I am so scared of how uncomfortable I'm going to be without it; scared to the point that I spent Friday morning crying on my couch, imagining trying to go to a job interview or learn the functions of a new job while in that wheezy, congested, non-medicated state. Even on my current low dose of prednisone, I find myself avoiding activities that might make it hard for me to breathe - simple things like vacuuming the apartment have triggered my asthma. Though I've been sick for much longer, I've only been dealing with the asthma for a few months and it's still very new to me - I don't know how bad it can get, or what to do if it does get bad.

This post is significantly more personal than I'm used to, but I really want to take this opportunity to say two things:
  1. As far as I'm concerned, health insurance needs to be a right, not a privilege. I'm lucky enough to have a support system - both financial and emotional - that allows me to function even with a chronic illness, but most uninsured people in the U.S. don't. If we're the richest, most powerful country in the world, why aren't we taking care of our citizens?
  2. If you're sick, go to the doctor. Find a doctor who will see you for a reduced rate. Go to a free clinic. Do what you have to do. Your health is IMPORTANT. Although my doctor won't blame me, I believe 100% that if I had gotten proper treatment when I first began feeling sick, I would not be sick right now.
So that's the state of the Princess & the P. Like I've said, blogging usually makes me feel better about things - if nothing else, it takes my mind off the fact that I am woefully unemployed - and things are looking much more positive in the job hunting department, so hopefully this is the turning point. Like my homeboy Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, the lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.

25 July 2011

Fall Wish List!

As with last summer, I will waste no time in preparing myself mentally and wardrobally for autumn. (I made that word up. Blogger doesn't like it.) Mostly, I just can't wait for this awful heat to break so that life will be less sweaty. Here are a few things I've got my eye on for the cooler weather.

TOMS Scottish Houndstooth Classics
American Eagle's Straight fit jeans
Stella & Dot's Colette necklace
Express (Minus The) Leather Quilted Moto Jacket
Steve Madden's BDAINTY bag
PSL, obviously!
Express Leopard Infinity Scarf (lovelove leopard print!)
And of course...
Target's Mossimo Supply Co. Pocket tee

What's on your autumn shopping list?

21 July 2011

TiLT #22

Hi, lovelies! Only a few Things I Love this week, as I have been busy on phone interviews lately.. no complaints, but they MUST know how much more charming & delightful I am in person. I mean REALLY.

♥ More arts & crafts! ♥ Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, dinner like a pauper ♥ Not making the bed! ♥ My 2-weeks-long queue on tumblr ♥ Dr. Oz (no shame) ♥ Girls' clubs ♥ Push ups ♥ Mad Men ♥ Leighton Meester "Summer Girl" (even though I am so NOT a summer girl) ♥ G+ ♥ Interviews (obviously!) ♥ Diet Coke ♥ painting my nails ♥ animal print ♥ Google Music Instant Mixes ♥ TiLT on other blogs! ♥ Heartsy ♥

I'm in a great mood today so I'm off to take advantage of it! Have a beautiful week, friends!


14 July 2011

TiLT #21

♥ Craft Spells "After the Moment" (addicted. cannot. stop. listening.) ♥ Stuff Parisians Like ♥ arts & crafts ♥ a good pair of hoop earrings ♥ starting over ♥ The Sims 3 (duh) ♥ breathe ♥ thunderstorms ♥ Bitter:Sweet "Dirty Laundry" ♥ True Blood Sundays ♥ GO Launcher ♥ brown sugar oatmeal ♥ Shannon's brilliant Why Not... series ♥ Grooveshark ♥ The Challenge: Rivals ♥ Surplus ♥ Target's Boyfriend v-neck tshirts ♥ frozen grapes ♥ Country Strong (be warned - it's SAD!) ♥ Dave Grohl ♥ hammocks ♥ productive mornings & lazy afternoons ♥ audiobooks on my iPod ♥

We're headed to Harry Potter tonight - part 1 at 9pm, part 2 at midnight! - and I'm sure I'll have an HP hangover tomorrow (a.k.a. be busy mourning HP), so posting is probably on hold till Sunday ;) In the meantime, tell me what you've been looking forward to!

13 July 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

I love Diet Dr. Pepper, cupcakes, and pizza.

I don't go to the gym every day.

Sometimes I don't finish books.

I leave my laptop power cord and cell phone charger plugged in for days at a time.

I don't drink as much water as I should.

I do laundry and run the dishwasher too often.

I've left the house in sweatpants. More times than I can count. Without shame.

My iTunes includes Britney Spears' discography.

Get it off your chest - what are YOUR dirtiest secrets?

12 July 2011

5 Reasons I Love My CamelBak Better Bottle

I've had all manner, shape, and size of reusable water bottle in my 26 years. I had a Nalgene in college that grew mold (and was probably full of BPA, the horrors!), too many glass Voss bottles to count, SubZero bottles, Evian bottles, recycled (and thoroughly washed) pickle jars... Seriously, I've had a LOT of water bottles.
my current collection
I've been pretty faithful to Klean Kanteen for a few years, but when I began student teaching in January, I needed something bigger and easier to drink out of - do you KNOW how embarrassing it is to completely miss your mouth when drinking in front of a room of 7th graders? ;) So after a bit of Internetting, I settled on the CamelBak Better Bottle. This decision may or may not have been influenced by the following picture of my queen, Leighton Meester, a.k.a. Blair Waldorf.

I have weighed the pros and cons of my Better Bottle and now present to you.. the Top 5 Reasons I Love My CamelBak Better Bottle.
  1. The entire thing is completely dishwasher safe.
  2. The bite valve & straw make it super fun. It also makes ice cold water tolerable for sensitive teeth!
  3. I don't have to worry about denting my bottle (or the floor!) if I drop it. Dropping a metal water bottle sounds like the end of the world. Just ask my dogs.
  4. I can see exactly how much water I've drank and how much is left.
  5. I can drink from it while exercising! This is probably my #1 Klean Kanteen complaint; there are "sport" caps but they're.. weird and noisy.
I have to admit that I have a small obsession with reusable water bottles. My CamelBak is still new but I'm considering buying another Better Bottle in a different color or even the Groove, which has a built in filtration system. Oh boy.

Talk to me about water bottles! Do you use a reusable water bottle? If so, what kind?

11 July 2011


Lately I've been really into SIMPLE outfits - solid colors, easy, basic pieces, clutches & envelopes, contrast - and tumblr has been a great help to my imagination.

Princess Kate? Oh yes. I. Did. I miiiiiiight be a secret Anglophile.
What's been influencing you lately? Style, food, ideas, anything!

10 July 2011

Quote of the Week

Here is the thing about radical change: It changes your life radically. More importantly, it changes who you are radically. It forces you to be brave. It changes how you see the world, other people, and yourself.
- Susannah Breslin

07 July 2011

TiLT #20

90210 ♥ fireworks ♥ Maru ♥ fruit salad for breakfast ♥ leggings ♥ handheld fans ♥ True Lemon (I'm addicted) ♥ Wilco in StL ♥ Primatene (life saver) ♥ F21's jewelry ♥ teaching myself French (any suggestions!?) ♥ Vignette & mytubo ♥ weird/scary/unexplained things ♥ Groupon ♥ homemade black bean soup ♥  Google+ ♥ the smell of new jeans ♥ hot dogs (whyyyy am I vegetarian!?) ♥ Midwestern friendliness ♥ good days ♥ motivation ♥ fresh flowers ♥ chocolate milk & Rice Krispies ♥ YSL Luxurious mascara ♥ open front cardigans ♥ Starbucks' PTL (always 'n forever) ♥ foursquare ♥

What's making you smile this week?

06 July 2011


I've been a blog slacker.

The holiday weekend was busy & exhausting, but the real reason I haven't been posting is because I've been having a tough week - being unemployed and friendless can really take its toll. I've been trying to look at all my free time as time to work on myself and make myself better, but the 90210-marathon-route is much easier somedays. Blogging definitely helps me feel LESS sorry for myself, so expect some updates this week!

♥ ♥ ♥

01 July 2011

July, July!

July To-Do List:
  • Get a job.
  • Write every day. Or something close to it.
  • Lose 5 lbs.
  • Get an oil change.
  • Eat 3 different kinds of produce every day.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Reach Gold status.
  • Floss every day.

2011 is officially half over, so I figure there's still plenty of time to get to work on New Year's Resolutions. July, July, July... it never seemed so strange.


I need more leopard print in my life.