28 June 2011

Autumn Dreaming, part II

I have several dreams for the fall. I like to aim high.

  1. Be gainfully employed. I really shouldn't complain, but I am so bored of sitting on the couch all day, watching Gilmore Girls, and playing the Sims. It's getting kind of depressing, guys. I need something to DO! I need money in my bank account!
  2. Take full advantage of health insurance. This is an important part being gainfully employed, since I was denied private coverage. Health insurance means actually GETTING better instead of only FEELING better (more on this on Wednesday!).
  3. Drop some lbs. Also related to health insurance. It's all connected! Get a job, get health insurance, get HEALTHY! I've been feeling badly for myself for being sick, which results in a lot of emotional eating - which I am working very hard to resist. Actually being sick is very discouraging when it comes to exercising - which I am also working on combating.
  4. Own a J.Crew Schoolboy blazer. Yep. Totally frivolous. But hellooo, the Schoolboy blazer is totally iconic and timeless. Oh, the gold buttons.. the gold buttons!
What are you looking forward to in the autumn?

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