12 July 2011

5 Reasons I Love My CamelBak Better Bottle

I've had all manner, shape, and size of reusable water bottle in my 26 years. I had a Nalgene in college that grew mold (and was probably full of BPA, the horrors!), too many glass Voss bottles to count, SubZero bottles, Evian bottles, recycled (and thoroughly washed) pickle jars... Seriously, I've had a LOT of water bottles.
my current collection
I've been pretty faithful to Klean Kanteen for a few years, but when I began student teaching in January, I needed something bigger and easier to drink out of - do you KNOW how embarrassing it is to completely miss your mouth when drinking in front of a room of 7th graders? ;) So after a bit of Internetting, I settled on the CamelBak Better Bottle. This decision may or may not have been influenced by the following picture of my queen, Leighton Meester, a.k.a. Blair Waldorf.

I have weighed the pros and cons of my Better Bottle and now present to you.. the Top 5 Reasons I Love My CamelBak Better Bottle.
  1. The entire thing is completely dishwasher safe.
  2. The bite valve & straw make it super fun. It also makes ice cold water tolerable for sensitive teeth!
  3. I don't have to worry about denting my bottle (or the floor!) if I drop it. Dropping a metal water bottle sounds like the end of the world. Just ask my dogs.
  4. I can see exactly how much water I've drank and how much is left.
  5. I can drink from it while exercising! This is probably my #1 Klean Kanteen complaint; there are "sport" caps but they're.. weird and noisy.
I have to admit that I have a small obsession with reusable water bottles. My CamelBak is still new but I'm considering buying another Better Bottle in a different color or even the Groove, which has a built in filtration system. Oh boy.

Talk to me about water bottles! Do you use a reusable water bottle? If so, what kind?


  1. This is my absolute favorite water bottle. My ONLY complaint about it is that it sweats EVERYwhere, but they do sell koozies for it! I need to buy one. I love how big they are, and I love the straw.

  2. @Stacy - Better Bottle KOOZIES!???! This is news to me. I'm intrigued! The straw is awesome except when you're super thirsty.. it only bothers me when I feel like I can't get enough!

  3. I have a reusable water bottle, it's a Contigo? I like it just fine...don't have any complaints, anyway :)