06 September 2010

Nail Polish Progression

My last few nail polish colors, including No Nail Polish August.  I complain a lot about things like this, so here is your civilized alternative.

OPI's Purple With A Purpose
essie's Turquoise & Caicos
No Nail Polish August!
essie's Rock Candy
essie's California Coral
Ulta's Smoke Screen
OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark
OPI's Princesses Rule!
essie's Mink Muffs
I clearly have a nail polish problem, so you can expect this list to be updated as I change my colors. :wink:


  1. i wish i could paint my own nails - but i do not have the left hand skillz required! my left hand would look GREAT, but my right hand would look like i painted with the brush in between my toes! so i will have to live vicariously through your pretty nails. <3

  2. PhotoBooth is weird but I have to confess that my left hand is featured in ALL of these pictures! (Except the purple, because those nails were ~professionally~ painted ;) )

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