28 July 2011

TiLT #23

zen habits ♥ I'm a pretty big fan of zen habits and think that Leo offers relevant advice, but I have a lot of trouble following most of it. Every once in awhile I'll go on a zen habits binge and spend hours reading articles and imagining how wonderful my new, beautiful, simple life will be. I will get rid of paper! I will unplug from the Internet! I will wake up early! I will be creative! I will take public transportation! But then my real life happens and I remember that I really love sleeping and the Internet and paper (must be the English teacher in me). Hope springs eternal.

Push ups ♥ I realize that it might be weird to like push ups, but for some reason I really like doing them. And they don't bother my asthma! Every morning I put on Leighton Meester's "Summer Girl," open the push ups app on my phone, and go WILD. I also do sit ups and squats but I don't like those as much... squats are kinda fun 'cause they're easy to do but you definitely feel them the next day. Sit ups have no redeeming qualities.

Air conditioning ♥ Obviously I loved air conditioning before this week, but I have a new appreciation for it now. Yesterday, our apartment building shut off the air conditioning so they could do some maintenance; we were told it would take about four hours (Boyfriend was sure that this was an overestimation - "If I knew it would take me three hours, I'd tell you four hours, just to be safe!"). It ended up being over twelve hours without air conditioning. I really don't like being hot.

Natural medicine ♥ Since I am now without prednisone, without insurance, AND without a doctor, I've been researching other ways to control my asthma and sinusitis symptoms. I have an inhaler that I use when I'm feeling really wheezy, but I'm also going to be experimenting with some of Dr. Weil's suggestions for controlling asthma - in particular, cutting back on dairy and taking a quercetin supplement. Any other asthma sufferers/vegans/lactose intolerant folks out there with advice or recommendations?

Honorable Mention ♥ Sarah Pinto planners ♥ Captain America (surprisingly entertaining) ♥ phone interviews ♥ Dr. Weil's anti-inflammatory diet ♥ Animal Crossing ♥  reading whatever I want! (I threw my summer reading list out.. take that!) ♥ ginger ale ♥ purse guts ♥ Pinterest ♥ St. Louis Craft Beer Week ♥ 5-htp ♥ cinnamon gum ♥ Mad Men on Netflix Instant ♥ craigslist ♥ fresh fruit ♥ fall tv (anyone else kind of excited for Hart of Dixie?) ♥ lunch dates ♥ the library! ♥ living vicariously through FB ♥

What do you love this week?


  1. I have definitely heard that dairy affects allergies and asthma! I'd definitely try that.

  2. @Stacy, cutting out dairy seems to be a magical cure-all haha. Here's hoping!