10 February 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I've been a baaaad blogger.  Not sure that I've been a much better teacher.  This has been one of those weeks when everyone is grumpy and out of sorts.  I yelled on Wednesday.  No.  Not yelled.  I YELLED.  Ugh. :(

I got my loan refund check and have been furiously buying more ~teaching~ clothes.  My Crocs arrived on Tuesday but they were way too big.  I ordered a full size smaller, as per the reviews, but it turns out I should have ordered TWO sizes smaller.  They felt pretty comfy, though.  I also bought some fly jewels at F21, boots at Old Navy, cute shirts from Loft, and finally finally finally found good khakis at Target.  I'm easy to please.

Here I am showing off my jewels (and looking skeptical of the second pair of earrings):

Leaf hinged bracelet.
I guess I like leaves..?
I'd return these if F21's return policy weren't so awful. Any takers?

Oh yeah, and I had straight hair for a minute.
Not sure when/why my tshirt became a turtleneck.
Student teaching has turned me into even more of a grandma than I was before: it's my bedtime.  Will finally post my What I Ate tomorrow.  In the meantime, I've gotta get my beauty sleep.


  1. ughhh I'm a total accessories girl! loving your bracelet and earrings!!!!!! =)

  2. i would take your earrings if i had pierced ears! i've thought about repiercing them - earrings would be great with such short hair, right? but i haven't worn earrings since i was twelve, a nd i feel like i would look weird. . . i'm a strange girl. :/

    and your straight hair is cute, but i prefer you as a curly girl. . . shocking, right? us curlies have to stick together!

  3. teaching turned me into a grump too :( i hated always being so mean but you lose your patience after awhile!! i tell you, having 1 kid now vs 20 kids has done wonders for my stress level. i can handle this parenting thing no problem, but in a class of 20, no thanks lol.

    i LOVE your hair curly! it suits you so much better than straight hair, although both look great :)

    teaching and parenting will definitely turn you into a grandma lol i think i went to bed earlier as a teacher than as a parent (although i'd love to go to bed at 8pm again )

  4. I love the jewelry! I have ginormous leaf earrings that I wear all the time.

    When I was working with kids, I shocked myself by how easily I could yell at them :/ I hated it but sometimes a raised voice is necessary!

  5. thanks Jess.. sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong because I am not So Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for student teaching. it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER that you and Stacy feel similarly :) xox

  6. I got a lecture today on the difference between Raising Your Voice and Yelling. um, thanks. I have plenty of experience with kids, I know the difference. and Yelling still makes me feel really guilty.

    anywayyyyyy. I've been a bad blog-reader lately too! I always save your blog and Monica's for last because they're my favorites, but sometimes that means that I either DON'T get around to them, or that I'm falling asleep when I read :(