05 February 2011

Food Quirks

I've been trying to write up a list of "What I Ate" for a few days now and in the process I've begun thinking about food quirks - foods that you LOVE that other people might not.  Or, in my case, foods that most people eat limitedly.

I can eat croutons by the bag.  They satisfy the crunchy/salty craving that chips or pretzels might; I never crave croutons so I try not to buy them, and though I have not lost a single pound on the Crouton Diet, I'm still pretty sure they're better than eating chips. ;)

What are some weird foods that you like?


  1. That's so funny. I am not huge on croutons (EXCEPT FOR PEEL PIZZA, don't worry I'll take you there). I guess the fact that I like onions so much is pretty weird. I eat them on almost everything. Ummmmm I like whole celery stalks but I HATE it cut up in soup, chili, whatever. I came to the conclusion today that I don't like a lot of crunch in my salad. I picked out a water chestnut, ate around the candied pecans (I KNOW), and picked out all pieces of radish.

  2. mmm, crunchy salad is what I LOVE!! it's the mushy parts of salad that I DON'T like - tomatoes and etc. your onion love is only weird to me because I hate onions haha ;)

  3. I take mushrooms and pull out the stem and fill them with a little bit of cottage cheese and salsa =) it's really good, but a lot of ppl think it's weird! haha