07 October 2010

TiLT #9

Having a really tough week (I mean.. REALLY. TOUGH. WEEK.) but there's gotta be something I'm grateful for this week..right!?

"It Gets Better" videos ♥ In particular, Tim Gunn's. I love Tim Gunn and his response made me love him even more. Make it work. (I haven't watched Zachary Quinto's video yet, but DANG..  Is that man out yet!?  Repression is a b!tch, that's all I'm saying.)

Perfect jeans ♥ I've been playing this game with American Eagle since August where they send me a pair of jeans and I wait on pins & needles for them to arrive, only to decide the the jeans are too short/too skinny/not dark enough/not good enough and I send them back.  Repeat.  This week we finally got it right and I will never again stray.

Coziness ♥ Long sleeves, snuggly scarves, hot chocolate, late afternoons, cashmere cardigans, fuzzy Uggs, apple cider, wool jackets, tomato soup, extra blankets, warm slippers, old movies, delicious candles, steaming mugs, good friends, dancing leaves, pumpkin coffee, windy nights... oh.  Shall I go on?

Little things ♥ Taking myself to the theater ♥ Gift cards ♥ Apple's Genius Bar ♥ Blair Waldorf-esque headbands ♥ Switching back to my "winter" perfume - love the burnt sugar / vanilla smell ♥ Realizing that the semester is halfway over ♥ Red Netflix envelopes waiting for me ♥ Good hair days.


  1. Coziness is the best thing ever! I would trade every summer in the world for infinite coziness :)

  2. Oh my gosh, me tooooo! I feel like some kind of BAD PERSON for saying it, but I just hate sweating! :(

  3. Netflix and their red envelopes will forever brighten even the worst of my days!

    I dig the "It Gets Better" videos, but I feel like Sarah Silverman hit the nail on the head with her video, and after seeing that, I feel like she's addressing the right issues and the right people.

    Also, I need to find new jeans ASAP and I can't. I hate shopping for them, but it's encouraging to hear you found the perfect pair!

  4. fall is the best, i don't know why anyone would NOT love fall. coziness, pretty colours, delicious flavours, it has it all!

    and i found my perfect jeans at target - mossimo saved my life! i feel that i am the world's weirdest shape, jeans are always either too wide in the leg/hip or too short for me. . . until now. yay for perfect jeans!

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