05 October 2010

On the Floor

October is one of my favorite months of the year for a couple of reasons:
  1. Fall truly begins - colors peak, seasonal flavors are everywhere, and best of all.. Halloween. :D

  2. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which means that I get to wear as much pink as possible, as often as possible with the best possible excuse.
If you use Facebook, you probably remember last year's "post-your-bra-color" game.  The idea was to raise awareness for breast cancer (how, I'm not quite sure) and to leave the men on Facebook guessing why all the women were posting colors.  This year, the plan is to post where you like to leave your purse.  For example, "I like it on the floor."  This way you can have a vaguely sexual status update with a charitable defense - it's all in the name of breast cancer.

If it's not already obvious, I think this is dumb.  If someone could kindly explain to me - how does this raise awareness for breast cancer?  Yes, it goes viral on Facebook in a matter of hours, but how does this do anything for the cause?  At least the bra colors had to do with breasts; this purse location thing has me scratching my head.  If you really care about breast cancer,  why wouldn't you donate money, go talk to someone about it, schedule a mammogram, etc., instead of update your Facebook?


  1. I'm going to extrapolate for a moment, if you don't mind.

    There is a growing INDIVIDUALIST strategy towards politics and political change. The idea is that if enough individuals, or consumers, show demand for change, it will happen. This IGNORES underlying corporate interests and DELUDES us into believing (as Capitalism is wont to do) that consumer demand is the primary driving force of the marketplace. It isn't. Profiteering is.

    In the case of breast cancer, I'd like to see more awareness, around the CAUSES of cancer (TOXICITY in our environment and foods), rather than seeking to raise money for pharmaceutical companies to develop/test CURES and pass out expensive medical treatments. Ineed, these treatments and drugs often involve the development of MORE chemicals!

    My main point, though I could go on all afternoon, is that we need something a LOT more than stupid FB status updates (which is not even TOUCHING the bullshit sexual innuendos). And no, I don't think it's a beginning, it's a DISTRACTION. When we pat ourselves on the back for doing that kind of ineffective a meaningless bullshit, we're diverting attention from the complex web of corporate interests that benefit from our laziness.

  2. Oh s*** my bad - she's the Angel, I'm the Princess. DUH.

  3. You'd think our Law School Princess would've seen it!!!!!

  4. Thanks, Kristen, it's so nice to know when someone is picking up what you're putting down! :)

  5. True. True. But what am I? I want a title too! I guess I get to be the PUNK... even though I'm not. HA! Ok. Thanks! Bye!

  6. Sometimes you're just over my head. Just throwin it out there.