08 October 2010


No, not the band. But I've put up a choice track for your listening pleasure. (Acceptance was one of my favorites in high school and college; they once played my hometown three times in two months - heaven!!)

This week I've accepted some things about myself -
  • as a blogger, I will never have the posting schedule of someone like Shannon and that's okay.  It doesn't mean I'm a bad blogger, it just means I'm not Shannon.  Lord knows how she does it, but bless her heart for giving us so much wonderful content to read and so many beautiful pictures to look at every day.

  • as a human being, I sometimes need more than I want to give myself.  Sometimes I want to sleep longer/eat more/work less than I should and sometimes I just have to give myself a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.  Just because.  I don't need an excuse or a reason.  (Sometimes I also try to see how many times I can say "sometimes" in one paragraph.  Five.  Beat that!)


  1. Amen to both of the things you have here. I need to keep reminding myself of all of that, especially this week.

  2. You know what, I was going to try and beat your "sometimes" record, but I honestly don't think I can do it! You, my friend, need to contact the Guinness book of world records. Just saying...

  3. I had reservations about publishing this post, so I'm REALLY glad to hear that I'm not alone :D

  4. I think we all feel this way sometimes. I think it's better (at least this is what I tell myself) to post interesting/useful/fun (you fill in the blank) rather than to put your/myself on an actual blog schedule. BUT when it comes to me you probably already figured that out since I'm SOOOOO prolific! ;)

    I also don't think it should be looked at as a get out of jail free card but maybe more of a "systems" check and ask yourself, "I am I spreading myself too thin and what do I need to do to take care of me?" Now if I could only follow my own advice!