07 September 2010

Wardrobe Essentials

I've made a few fashion posts and it's gotten me thinking - what are wardrobe essentials? What are the most necessary and basic items? And I don't mean "essentials" like underwear and bras and socks.  If you only had room in your closet or your budget for 10 items of clothing, what would they be?

A dark skinny jean?
Classic heels?
An easy, chic blazer?
Multitasking cardigans?
Everyday Oxfords?
Simple, casual tshirts?
Effortless ballet flats?
These would be my basics.  (I would of course need my accessories: scarves in a rainbow of colors, stud earrings, oversized sunglasses, and a handbag - preferably in beautiful worn in leather and big enough to hold all of my things).  What would you add?  What are your basics?


  1. Nice list!
    Right now my essential is money, so I can buy these things :)

  2. Basically everything you posted is on my "FALL must-haves" :)
    The only thing I would add is some chunky bold accessories just to make those essential items pop a little more (only for certain occasions of course).

  3. Cardigans! Ballet flats! Boots! Colored corduroy!!

    Girl, you *know* I can't do those button-downs (had to re-donate all! All!!). Blazers give the same neck issue. I do, however, LOVE the hand-me-down Gap jeans I pilfered from 1917. I need a large ankle hole, though, as opposed to the taper leg b/c the wide bottom balances out my wide mid-section). See, boot leg/flare/wide-leg only for me. No skinny jeans :(

  4. YES, girl! Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!!

  5. Booooots, how could I FORGET!?
    But re: skinny jeans, I must disagree. I have the womanly hips and mid-section (ahem) and I wear them. So find a new excuse.

  6. Nope, I have RULES. Not to mention that skinny jeans make me feel like I'm in a tourniquet. Maybe I need your shopping expertise, no?

    Also, I'm on the hunt for, like, a classic cropped bomber jacket. Jean jackets--no.

  7. I'm in that boat too! Can't I wait until I have an actual income and can purchase the basics. You're list is very similar to the one created by Tim Gunn (for one of my favorite shows Tim Gunn's Guide to Style).

    The only things I'd add to your list are dresses, kind of like the ones found at Anthropology.

    Have a great Monday, no I mean Tuesday. How did it get to be Tuesday already?

  8. We have such similar taste. The perfect casual weekend outfit for me would be the dark skinny jean, leopard flats from Tory Burch (I have been lusting after the pair you included), a bit of a flambuoyant (sp?), yet comforable cami topped with a long cardigan and an oversized tote. Add a pair of leopard pumps just change it up a bit for lunch with the girls. =)

    Love this post.

    By the way, if I'm remembering right, you are completing your classwork to earn your teaching certificate, correct? What a wonderful and rewarding profession to be entering. The beginning of the school year has kept me hopping and very appreciative when the weekend arrives, but after now 9 years, every year only gets better. I am thrilled (if I'm correct in my guess) that you'd like to enter the profession.