05 September 2010

Thought for the Week

Instead of a Quote of the Week, this week seemed to need a thought for the week.

Many of us are working to get into our fall routines and schedules, and the transition from the lazy summer days to the ordered autumn days can be a bit bumpy and halting.  When doing something new, I frequently tell myself that it's only hard until you get used to it. This applies to nearly everything - waking up early, a different workout, long distance relationships :'(, a new workload.

In the beginning, changes - even small ones - can feel overwhelming and we wish for what is familiar.  Sometimes we feel like we're all alone, fighting to be better, to be different, to change some part of ourselves or our world.  But if we keep our goals in mind and recall what we're working for, we soon find that what was new has become what is familiar.
"A ship in the harbor is safe -- but that's not what ships are built for."
~ John A. Shedd

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  1. ahh! i had no idea you had an even newer blog until i logged onto lj (i barely go on there anymore. . .). now you are bookmarked! oh, and did you ever get the letter i sent to st. louis?