02 September 2010

TiLT #5

Finally getting a tan.  I know it's unhealthy!  But it makes my teeth look whiter.  And I'm storing up vitamin D for the winter, when I'll really need it. :grin:

Nutritionista. Tumblr is basically a microcosm of the Internet.  It has naked girls, fashion, cupcakes, emo teenagers, celebrities, and baby animals.  And Nutritionista.  She recently posted two articles that I've found extremely helpful; the first was titled Your Hunger Is Not An Emergency which was kind of a "duh" moment for me.  The main point that Nutritionista makes is that hunger is not the same as a desire to eat and we often confuse the two.  The second helpful article she recently posted was about Honest Cravings and when (and how!) to listen to what your body tells you about what it wants.  Both of the articles might be a bit obvious, but they're reminders that we all sometimes need.

Nail polish!  Remember when I said that it only takes 21 days to break a habit?  That must mean that I am addicted to nail polish because I could not wait to paint my nails after my No Nail Polish August.  Unfortunately, I decided to paint in a poorly lit room and told myself that because I chose a light color - well, I could go a bit outside the lines.

Sometimes I really have to wonder who put me in charge of myself.  (That's Essie's Rock Candy, just for the record).

Order tracking.  I haven't figured out yet why some companies don't give you tracking information for your order.  I know I'm not the only person who obsessively follows their stuff.  I've even been known to track my order before answering the doorbell just to make sure it was the FedEx man.  (You're right.  That might be pushing it.  I won't do it again.)

Honorable Mention. A full tank of gas; waking up naturally before your alarm goes off; pretzel Goldfish; seeing old friends (the first week of classes is so much fun for this reason!); Cee-Lo's new song "F*** You!" - it's been stuck in my head all week; long weekends; trading in my glitchy BBerry Tour for the HTC Incredible; Arizona's instant pomegranate green tea (I know these are full of artificial sweetener but I can't help it); the naming system for hurricanes and tropical storms; having a smart nerd for a Boyfriend; external hard drives; learning curves, Gmail's new Priority Inbox.


  1. In case anyone is keeping track in the pictures that I've posted - this is not only the most recent picture I've posted, but also the only one in which an air conditioner is visible. Because I had to put my air conditioner BACK in my window after taking it out and putting it away. Summer, please go away.

  2. I know fall is technically here (I can tell because the light in the air is different) but I'm not ready for it. Last week was the first time it really felt like summer (for Santa Cruz). It's also the beginning of September and my sunflowers, which were planted back in May, are almost ready to open.

  3. It's almost fall! Just hold on a little longer!
    Also, pretzel goldfish... yes!

  4. I was in Missouri for most of the summer and I've had ENOUGH! It was 105º+ everyday! I want scarves and long sleeves and cardigans! I'm sick of sweating :(

    My sunflowers got eaten. Please tell me your secrets.