16 June 2011

TiLT #18

Google Music! (the "instant mix" feature needs some work, but Boyfriend gets AWESOME instant mixes so maybe it's my fault?) ♥ Game of Thronesthe Glitter Guide ♥ ModCloth (I've yet to buy anything and I've heard mixed reviews about the quality.. can anyone set the record straight?) ♥ walkable errands ♥ The Black Keys "Too Afraid to Love You" ♥ sunny & 70º ♥ clean sheets ♥ getting mail! ♥ cold brewing coffee ♥ Sally Hansen Softening Foot Spray ♥ mid-morning walks to Starbucks ♥ M.A.C. Pro Longwear concealer ♥ mashed avocado on everything ♥ The Dear Hunter's "The Color Spectrum" ♥ reading at the Arch ParkTypeKit! (did you notice the blog's new fonts?) ♥ coral nail polish ♥ summer tv - Pretty Little Liars, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, True Blood, RW/RR Challenge... ♥ catching up on the Daily Garnish (and Baby Garnish, aiyeee!) ♥

What are YOU loving this week?