01 March 2011

So Can You

Anytime I'm nervous or unsure about doing something "hard" (like getting my Master's), I remind myself of all the dumb people I know who have already done it.  If they could do it, so can you, I tell myself.

Generally, this pep talk works and whatever I was anxious about doesn't turn out to be as hard as I'd thought.  This is NOT the case with student teaching.  I'm struggling hard and all the reminders aren't making me feel any better.. in fact, they're beginning to make me wonder if those dummies (and all those awful teachers) were secretly smarter than I am.

Oh Tuesday..


  1. Aw Ella I'm sorry this has been so hard. I'm sure you're being too hard on yourself though, because I'm sure you're doing an amazing job! In fact I know you are. I don't have to see you in person to know that. Stick with it Ella, I'm cheering for you. :)

  2. Haylee! You da bomb baby!
    Thanks for the support.. it really does make me feel better hehe :)

  3. no way, you are so much smarter than all of those people! i felt like that a lot just getting my b.a. - like i couldn't do it, or i wouldn't make it to the very end. but really, so many people have done this, and sure, so can you! and you are ten million times cooler and smarter than them, so that also helps. ;)