25 February 2011

Friday Favorites

Think of this has a substitute for Things I Love Thursday. I would never be late or slack on my blogging duties, so this is definitely not a LATE Things I Love Thursday.

Okay, maybe it is.  But ANYWAY...

Sleeping in.  To me, this means waking up anytime after 7a.m.  It's the little things.

Vanilla Coke Zero.  I know, I know.. but soda is my vice!  Since I have coffee in the morning, I usually only drink caffeine free soda.. but sometimes I need a little oomph at lunch time!

Amazon Prime. Seriously, what did I do before Prime? PAY for shipping? Wait around for my precious parcels to show up?  So 2008, y'all.

Signs of spring. Higher lows and higher highs.  Ruffles and eyelets.  Brave flowers.

Words with Friends. I'm probably the last one to realize that this game is finally available for Droid but hoolordy, am I obsessed! (And for an English B.A., embarrassingly bad!)

February Break. I have gotten absolutely nothing done this week and I don't much care. It's been such a wonderful treat to relax with Boyfriend and Neko and not worry about my long-term objectives or ELA standards. (I will, of course, be eating my words when I'm scrambling to keep up with lessons next week. But oh well!)

What are you loving on today?

P.S. My teacher shoes arrived in New York on Tuesday, so expect a full report on Monday! ;)

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  1. Seriously, Amazon Prime is the most worth it of all deals out there in history. We've ordered food, house supples, even a hose. Awesome.