05 January 2011

Vera, Vera on the Wall..

All right, I admit it.  I own MULTIPLE Vera Bradley bags.  And I'm not ashamed!  I know a lot of people dislike Vera Bradley, but I'm a sucker for good prints and some of these are just so lovely.

Yellow Bird

Make Me Blush

Java Blue

Raspberry Fizz



They also have a line of great solid microfiber and nylon bags.  I use a big VB bag for school - it has a ton of pockets to keep my sh!t organized, long shoulder straps, and enough room for a laptop, binders, and miscellaneous items.

What's your go-to school/work bag?  How do you feel about VB?


  1. Every so often, Vera has a pattern I like. I liked Java Blue and I like that first one, Yellow Bird, but I don't generally buy anything from there.

    My all-time favorite print was discontinued long ago. I used the tote in college (at least 7 years ago). It was Blue Toile from Spring '01. I LOVED it. I still have the tote, and also have a makeup case in it. Scroll down and look at it here: http://www.verabradley.com/content/content.jsp?pageName=retiredcolors ...it's beautiful.

  2. I love Vera too! I got the Get Carried Away tote in Sittin' in a Tree print for Christmas. It's HUGE and perfect for student teaching.

  3. I love Vera! Baroque is my current favorite although I have a variety of totes and small luggage from the retired prints. I also tend to love her wallets and small clutches. The microfiber line is a great way to go if you're not into the busier prints. xoxo

  4. I have a HUGE duffel in the peacock, my wallet is...can't remember. But I love vera. :)

  5. Peacock is an old favorite. I have no less than 3 bags in Peacock. No shame.

  6. The retiring of prints kind of bothers me while at the same time making me feel superior for having some of them. It's a complicated emotion.

  7. oooo, I was looking at VB for teaching bags but they don't have the Tic Tac totes anymore. I'll have to look into this Get Carried Away bag... ;)

  8. UGH!!! What is in the water in Syracuse!!? It's like issued to you guys at birth: Black Northface Fleece, Uggs,black athletic pants,Vera Bradley and your Wegmans Shopper's Club Card!!!
    sorry, but I must respectfully wince. :)
    love you!!

  9. Because I know that you are a lovely and charming person I'm going to assume that I'm reading this comment the wrong way. 'cause it sounds kinda rude in my head.