06 January 2011

TiLT #16

HGTV's annual Dream Home giveaway!  Check out this year's gorgeous house in Vermont (and then, if you're like me, begin fantasizing unrealistically about how you'll spend the cash.. so many possibilities!) - but don't bother entering the giveaway, as I'm definitely going to win this year. ;)



  1. The dream house is always to die for, but I never bother entering, haha

  2. I've been entering twice a day!!! And don't worry about figuring out how to spend the $$. It will probably only cover 2 years of property taxes in VT...ickkk

  3. the Boyf found some break-down of all the taxes you'd have to pay on everything and it turns out you'd end up paying way more than $500k. wahh :( I'm choosing to pretend that someone's math is off and it's all free.