30 December 2010

TiLT #15

♥ Boyfriend : ) ♥ Black bean soup ♥ Ellie Goulding ♥ Amazon wishlists ♥ Old episodes of The O.C. ♥ Cuddling with Neko all day ♥ Christmas gifts: My new Kindle! ♥ Graphic novel classics ♥ Cuisinart stand mixer ♥ Intervention OnDemand ♥ Making 2011 plans with Boyfriend ♥ 'Cuse football (could.not.care.less about 'Cuse bball) ♥ Hot chocolate for breakfast ♥ Belted jackets ♥ Antibiotics (okay, actually, I hate them.. but they work miracles) ♥ Southern accents ♥ Pretty Little Liars coming back on Monday the 3rd :D ♥ New running sneakers ♥ Pink lemonade Emergen-C ♥ Flaxseed oil ♥ The Vampire Diaries ♥ Vuze ♥ Jason's Tea Time moisturizer ♥ My B.A. shark ring ♥ Mexican food ♥ Champagne (oh YEAH New Year's!) ♥ Full Dark, No Stars Stephen King ♥ Honeycrisp apples ♥

Today's gonna be a two-post day, so stay tuned for more!


  1. is the mixer new or just now realizing how much you love it? Yummy, honeycrisp apples! Have you found persimmons yet?

  2. Yay black bean soup! I just had some from the farmer's market. And I'm super excited about starting the King book!