16 December 2010

TiLT #13

♥ First things first: FINISHING THE SEMESTER! ♥ Mani/pedis ♥ Gala's Ultimate Playgirl Gift Guide (shame she didn't post this a month ago - sooo many additions to my wishlist!) ♥ Lip gloss ♥ My grad friends! ♥ Diet Dr. Pepper ♥ Off-street parking ♥ Wegmans' naturals section ♥ HTC's Droid Incredible (f'real.. it saved my a$$ on my video project) ♥ Obsessing over my Netflix queue (I might be 12 years old) ♥ Reading for pleasure ♥ The knitting project I've been working on since 2008.. when I learned how to knit :oops: ♥ My favorite F+tM song this week ♥ A good night's sleep ♥ Sephora samples ♥ Christmas cards ♥ Starbucks peppermint mocha ♥ Kiss My Face olive oil soap ♥ Compulsive post-semester cleaning & purging ♥ Google Chrome for Mac ♥ Snow ♥ Tomato soup ♥ Twitter conversations ♥ NOT talking on the phone ♥ Catching up on Boardwalk Empire ♥ Warm mist humidifiers ♥ Borrowing books from friends, professors, etc. (it's like the library without fines) ♥ Holiday themed anything ♥ Boyfriend in one week ♥ Being in law school vicariously (ask me about torts!) ♥ Serendipity Peppermint syrup ♥ Christmas tree smell ♥ Tori Amos' "Winter" ♥ Cats (no, not the musical) ♥ Optimism over realism ♥ Throwback jams - Saosin? Cursive? Meiko? Yes, yes, yes! ♥ The Help by Kathryn Stockett ♥ Having health insurance come January 1st ♥ Ryan Reynolds (dibs) ♥

Phew! What a week. And it's only Thursday..! But I've got a wonderful, relaxing day planned: a mani/pedi, catching up with an old friend, and a hairs cut. I never make the time to do these things during the semester. How do you relax?
An unrelated question: are you a spender or a saver? If you're not naturally a saver, how do you make yourself save? If you're a saver, what kinds of things are you willing to splurge on? I spent wayyy too much on Christmas.. time to buckle down again!


  1. I need a mani/pedi so bad. Also, teach me how to knit! Haha, I just can't seem to GET IT!

    Definitely more of a saver lately!

  2. How is it already Thursday? Oh my goodness! Thanks for including me in this week's list!

  3. Christmas cards--and actually having time to write and send them! Ahh, to have a life again for a couple of weeks. =)

  4. I get health insurance in January too! haha...so sick of having crappy insurance (or none at all!). I also love Diet DP and F+tM :)

    I am both a mix of spender and saver. I can easily put money away to save and stay away from the mall, but every so often, when I haven't been shopping in a while, I have to go on a little binge.

    This does not apply to food, as I have no limits when it comes to the grocery store!

  5. my friend taught me to knit this summer - and i'm terrible at it. really, it was too much work for my hands, they would get so tense that it hurt! so i had to give it up. :/ also, i'm too much of a perfectionist for knitting - it never looked good enough to me.

  6. knitting is SO HARD - even when you have someone to teach you in person! I still haven't mastered binding on and casting off so DON'T FEEL BAD. it definitely takes a lot of practice.

  7. oh my goshhhhh Kristen I've been so busy this week but have been meaning to say to you:
    1) I LOVE the peppermint syrup. it's delicious in EVERYTHING.
    2) THANK YOU SO MUCH for my raspberry surprise!! I'm going to give it to Boyfriend for Christmas (hope he's not reading..) because he always wants to buy raspberry jam and I'm a grape jelly kinda girl.
    3) I haven't tried the boysenberry yet - any suggestions?

    you're the best!! <3

  8. yeah, my first knitting project is definitely going to be a gift for mama 'cause she'll appreciate my hard work no matter how ugly : ) it really is hard to learn!!

  9. oooo, January is gonna be a good month!
    I'm really good at saving when I have no money.. like, I can make the last $100 in my bank account laaaaaaaaast. but if my balance is bigger, I have no self control. it's a problem.

  10. Congrats on finishing the semester!! That's the best feeling in the world I swear. I hope you enjoy your mani/pedi, ah man that sounds so nice right now!
    I'm definitely a saver but I will splurge on big things every now and then. Like my laptop. (which I totally don't regret getting in the slightest. :)
    And darn, I don't have Netflix but I'm seriously thinking about getting it so I can have it for this trip. Especially if you say they have a lot of documentaries. You'll have to tell me if "To Be and To Have" is any good. It sounds like it would be!