29 November 2010

Cyber Monday

I tried so hard to resist Cyber Monday, friends...
Welllllllll, to be honest, I made my first Cyber Monday purchase while laying in bed with a headache this morning.  But I had very good intentions!  I think I was downright restrained.. ;)

Ann Taylor Loft Long & Lean Cardigan

Ann Taylor Loft Scuba Jacket with Ruffle Hem (in black!)

Steve Madden Bruffler (I really love ruffles??)

And everything was on super sweet sale! How could I have resisted? Did you get any sweet deals today?  I love show & tell!
(And just btw, can we please appreciate Loft for NOT airbrushing out dumb things, like wrinkles in jeans?   Homegirl in the cardigan picture looks straight up SLOPPY by some catalog standards.)


  1. Ahahaha! AhahaHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!! I am wearing that LOFT long & lean cardigan RIGHT. NOW. In gray! It finally arrived in the mail yesterday & I LOVE IT. You will love it too. I wear with navy blue sailor trousers and a teal cowl neck blouse. Let's dress up like fucking twins and scare everyone at Christmas. Whoooo!!! Good times, good times.

  2. I don't have a teal cowl neck shirt, but we can wear v-necks and jeans and be TWINSIES!!!!

  3. you guys are adorable!

    that's really all i have to say. :)

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