28 November 2010


I'm so upset that I missed Things I Love Thursday last week!  I started writing the post on Monday because I knew I would be busy later in the week and I could just schedule it to post, but I never finished :( Wah.  To make it up, here are some lovely Christmas wishes & ideas (which really doubles as a Things I Love).

Phew. I've been eating so much and sleeping so little this week, today is my catch up day. Tomorrow is the first day of the very first Change Your Life Challenge, so I'll have to be back in the swing of things. For now - some shopping with my sister, reading for my second to last week of class (!), and an early bedtime.  How was your Thanksgiving?!


  1. Hi boo,
    So pumped for the Change Your Life Challenge. I wanted to tell you that I <3 you and I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Boston and I miss you. xoxo