17 September 2010

Oh Dear

I definitely chose the right week to take off from blogging - it's been just dreadful!  I still haven't found my ideal weekly routine or fallen into that "groove" and homework is really kicking my butt because of it.  My allergies have been awful since February :shock: and I finally went to the doctor, but all my new meds are just making me foggier!  My fingers are crossed that this is one of those you-feel-worse-before-you-feel-better things.

We understand each other.
swear to God PROMISE I will be back next Thursday, 23 September for TILT.. 'cause I've got A LOT things to love on! I hope everyone has a restful and fabulous weekend. ♥


  1. It'll get better. Just keep pushing through it and eventually the rhythm will come.

  2. Thank you for the reassurance! It's hard to keep telling myself sometimes :]