18 September 2010


Today I bought a book for myself.  This one -

It's rare for me to buy a book to read for pleasure during the semester because I won't make time to read it, but I want to change that.  My workload isn't horrendous this semester, I just haven't been managing it.  I bought this book to encourage myself to get my homework done and to read before I go to sleep.  It seems so luxurious to read in bed, doesn't it?  Pillows fluffed up, cozy pajamas and blankets, everything done and settled for the day, nothing left to do but lose yourself in your book..

This may not work at all.  I might begin the book and hate it.  I might never even open the book.  I might read the book instead of doing homework.  But I've always been a terrible time-manager and this is my first small step towards gaining some control over my time.  It's an experiment! :D

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