26 August 2010

TiLT #4

70º F. I've decided that this is my optimal temperature. I could go a few degrees cooler, but right around 70º is ideal.  If I could find a place that was 70º year round, I would be the most pleasant person on Earth.  (Boyfriend knows how cranky I get if I sweat when I'm not exercising.  It's not pretty.)

Running buddies. Lots of Thursday love for Kristen at the Seredipity Diary for being a kick in my butt and my West Coast running buddy!  Sometimes you just NEED that spark to get you started again.  I love it!

Finding out that your favorite band is playing your city.  In terms of Best Feelings and Most Excitement, I think this is probably topped by "I'm Pregnant" and "We're Getting Married."  I might also be biased, but that's another story ;) I'm so excited to see one of my favorite bands, matt pond PA, later this autumn that I'm even willing to go to the show alone if I can't find anyone willing to pay the $13!  Now if only Wilco and James Taylor would make stops soon...

Reading.  For some reason, I've been spending way more time reading now that I'm back in New York.  I flew through an assigned book in 24 hours and am now s l o w l y making my way through Mockingjay.  I'm kind of worried I won't finish the book because I don't want the series to be over!

Honorable Mention. Two hour lunches; lazy late summer days; finding sweet deals at Marshall's; Skype dates; PaperBackSwap.com; to-do lists and crossing everything off (2nd honorable mention appearance); Katy Perry's new album "Teenage Dream" (can you believe she used to be a Christian artist?!); autumn to-dos: apple picking! pumpkin patches! haunted houses!; the Great New York State Fair; obsessively cleaning and organizing; my glorious new French Press coffee maker; the organic fair trade shade grown coffee I bought for my first cup of French Press!; York peppermint patties (do they put drugs in those?  I could eat them all day).


  1. How are you holding up after yesterday? My long day in the kitchen has killed me. However, I'm hoping that climbing hills today will help. It can go one of two ways. I'll feel better or tomorrow I'm going to be completely crippled! My plan for today is 2.35 miles of walking up and down treacherous hills.

  2. I'm not sore at all, but I've been realllllly bad about drinking water this week and I'm FEELING it after running. I went on a leisurely walk with my dogs this morning - no treacherous hills here!! Definitely heading out for another run tomorrow though. What about you?

  3. I'm horrible with water too and the hills yesterday combined with 10 hours in the kitchen on Wednesday killed me. I'm taking today off (and drinking tons of water) which might not be so bad since I have a lot of labeling to do as well as getting things packed up for weekend farmers markets. I think my next run might be on Sunday (if I can walk by then!)

  4. You're a busy lady!! I banged out 2 easy miles this morning and have been sitting on my BUM since then, chugging water and struggling through required trainings. So boringggg! Let me know how your Sunday run goes!

  5. I know, tell me about it! I'm happy to report I did drink a bunch of water yesterday but that tends to happen when I demo because talking seems to make me thirsty... go figure?

    I also did a bit of searching and it seems that the average temp in Santa Cruz is 75 degrees for August and about 60 for December and January. Just in case you really do want to move to somewhere where the average is 70.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.


  6. gahhh wilco live ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tory you were my 100th comment! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!! You win LOVE!!!

  8. i am truly truly honored.

    love love love!!