28 August 2010

Late August Saturday

A quiet but productive morning spent working...

An afternoon in the sun...

And an evening in with Don Draper and the boys of SCDP...

A restful but constructive weekend in preparation for school beginning on Monday.  How is your weekend going?  Hope you all are having lovely, relaxing weekends, full of sunshine, coffee, and lots of love.


  1. Coffee...check. Productive...check. Sunshine...check. Restful...eh, not so much but my days off are technically Monday and Thursday but I often find myself working on those days too. Today's to do list running and cleaning and maybe an afternoon showing of EPL. Then I'll be able to check off fun/relaxing! Cheers!

  2. Update: 2.5 miles of intervals for 30 minutes and then the last 1/2 miles was walking to cool down which took 8 minutes.

  3. My run this morning was brutal. I don't know if it was that I ate crap yesterday or that I woke up extra early just to run, but it was rouuuugh. Planning on some strength building yoga tomorrow!