28 August 2010

Back to School Fashion Inspiration

I know Glee is kind of a polarizing tv show - you either love it or hate it - but please, bear with me, if only for fashion's sake.  I was pretty excited about Glee because a) I love High School Musical and it's pretty much the same thing, only weekly, and b) Emma Pillsbury.  So What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? was the answer to my prayers.  They've been around pretty much since the beginning of Glee and have been documenting Emma's impeccable style since day one.  I blogged about WWEPW back in the old days of my first blog, but Teresa and Danielle (omg RHONJ!!!!!) have been doing some awesome things while Glee is on hiatus, like these fashion challenges, proving that not only does Emma have fabulous style but so does the Internet.  Yayyy!

While I count down the days till Glee returns, I am saving up my money for everything in this Polyvore (from a recent "Emma in Denim" challenge on WWEPW).
Jeans All Week Long


  1. Did you watch Pushing Daisies? If you love Emma's style I think you'd love the fashion in PD.

  2. I've never watched it and interestingly, it's never been recommended to me! I'll definitely have to look into it.. you've enticed me with promises of fabulous fashion ;)

  3. The fun fashion really started in the second episode once the show was picked up. AND it seems like lots of actors from PD make an appearance on Glee.