18 August 2010

Housewifery Wednesday: They Draw & Cook

Yesterday's Tasty Tuesday on apartment #34 reminded me of a wonderful website brought to my attention by the lovely and talented Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Design.  They Draw and Cook combines, well, yes, drawing and cooking.  Some of the recipes are more detailed and easy to follow than others, which focus more on the artwork than the cooking.  But how can you not love the combination of beautiful pictures and food?

The website recently launched a sister site, Kids Draw and Cook.  I died.

This is a recipe for the perfect Saturday night cocktail (non-alcoholic).

Man, I can't wait to try the Chill..


  1. Holy CUTENESS! How do people that cute STAND themselves?? I'd just melt into a muddle every time I looked at myself/my work!

  2. This is exactly how I feel about Leigh. Everything she does is just so cute / perfect / wonderful - HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF!???!?!!?!!?

  3. Hard to imagine better art for a kitchen!