18 August 2010

Eat Pray Love

A film review in two words:

Javier Bardem.

But for realsies, if you've read the book, you might like the movie. Or you might be disappointed. I personally didn't like it as much as the book (which is generally the case, right?). I got a little antsy while she was in Italy - it didn't feel like equal time was spent in each country which is what I expected - and the whole thing felt like it went a little long. I didn't like the characters in the movie as much as I did in the book; I was so excited to see Ketut and Richard and Wayan and Tutti, and they just didn't live up to the Ketut and Richard and Wayan and Tutti I had imagined.  And I will NOT EVEN GET INTO all of the India-is-a-mystical-place-to-go-find-yourself-and-a-guru type shit happening in the book and the movie.  But I have a giant black hole of a crush on Javier Bardem and that made the whole movie worth it for me.

Okay so here's the dill:
If you HAVE NOT read the book - go see the movie.
If you HAVE  read the book - reread the book.  Trust me.
All boyfriends and other captive audiences - I weep for you.


  1. LOL! Love your warning for boyfriends! I haven't seen it yet, so thanks so much for the review. I've been very curious to see what the people who already read the book thought about the movie.
    XO Piper

  2. Piper, have you read the book? I'm also interested in what other people who've read the book thought of the movie - I'm the only person I know who has seen it yet!