20 March 2011

Teacher Shoes - Update

Man, I had SO. MUCH. TROUBLE. trying to get my paws on these flats!

I wish I could tell you that they were worth my trouble, but sadly, they weren't.
First, Crocs doesn't seem to be very good at keeping these shoes in stock, so I did a significant amount of hunting around on the Internet to find the size and color combination I needed. I first ordered them through shoebuy.com (the cheapest price I could find!).  Every review I'd read said that they ran big, so I ordered a size down. After waiting (im)patiently for them to arrive, I was disappointed to discover that the size 7 flats were still too big. So back they went.

I tried again through shoes.com on Amazon.  I ordered the size 6 this time (two sizes smaller, oy!) and ended up with a shoebox marked size 6 and shoes marked size 8.  Returned AGAIN.

I finally managed to find them in a size 6 on Piperlime, but they were backordered, so I didn't receive them until early last week.  I wore them on Friday because the weather was beautiful and it was my last day of student teaching. By 10am it was obvious that these shoes weren't working - they pinched my toes and rubbed my heels.. my feet are still mad at me, two days later. :(

Luckily, I decided to buy myself a pair of Puma Speed Cat sneakers for my birthday, which I've been wearing almost daily.  They're comfortable, supportive, and not too sneaker-y.

Next on my list is a pair of these preppy cuties...


  1. Ugh that sucks they didn't work out - I've always wanted to try them! I have those Pumas and wear them quite a bit. They're pretty comfy. Honestly, I've found my TOM's are SUPER comfortable and I wear them all day, all the time. You could get them in a basic brown or black and try those? So worth it. Also, I wonder about Sperry's? Mine are pretty comfortable.

  2. yeah, these flats were a major disappointment :[
    I've heard mixed reviews about Toms, re: support, but I'm dying for a pair of white canvas slip ons, so I might have to go for it.