04 January 2011

Watch Me!

I have a bit of an odd love for watches, considering that I rarely wear them.  (Confession: even when I wear a watch, I still have no idea what time it is!  I have mini panic attacks when someone asks me :oops:).  This obviously does not stop me from buying watches, shopping for watches, adding watches to my wishlist, or blogging about watches.

Over the summer I bought this white silicone watch from Overstock

I'd been wanting a white watch for AGES (literally; since Dior's Christal watches were introduced, I've been a little obsessed) and my sister already had Fossil's Stella watch, which is a great alternative to more expensive ceramic watches.

I really like my Overstock watch, EXCEPT for: 1) it ticks very loudly, and 2) the strap is silicone, so it sticks to my wrist, especially in warm weather.  So the search continues.  I also bought a watch similar to this one from Target for ~$20

I have no complaints about this watch, but lately I've been feeling like I should have a more grown-up watch.. or at least one that cost more than $25.
... Like this beautiful rose gold Michael Kors chronograph watch

Or the equally gorgeous Michael Kors tortoise Jet Set watch

I think I'm partial to the tortoise, but really, I'd accept either ;)

Do you wear a watch?  Show us pictures!


  1. Everyone keeps posting about watches lately and all it does is emphasize that I don't wear a watch! My mother got me one for Christmas (not a fancy one, by any means, it's plastic and waterproof, which is perfect for me/my job), but I just...have never been a watch-wearer. I may need to start, though.

  2. I do wear one for work. It's an older DKNY one with silver circles. Kind of hard to describe. I'm not huge on watches though, I prefer bracelets :)

  3. I was not obsessed with watches until I saw that Michael Kors one! HEAVENS! I love that watch...

  4. I love these silicone watches too!! I got mine at Hallmark, but they look just as rich and lush as the $200 watches! I confess since I have my cell phone I don't wear watches often, but I love this silly white one, and i get complements on it ALL the time!

  5. And now for something completely unrelated. I just saw the Gweneth Palwtro interview on GMA. She kind of hinted about doing a few more Glee episodes!

  6. Haha, my cell phone is the very reason I almost never wear a watch!

  7. For some reason I feel like it's more ~grown up~ to wear a watch, but that's still not motivation enough for me. Analog makes me nervous, hahah.