29 January 2011

Teacher Shoes

So much for those pictures I said I was going to take.. Monday is a new week. I'll be better.

The hardest part of student teaching so far is the standing-all-day bit.  I wore flats on my first day without taking into account that they didn't have ANY support.  I died.  And then I wore sneakers for the rest of the week.  But sneakers aren't that cute, so I finally gave in to the fact that I'll need Teacher Shoes.  Not tryna be rude, but real Teacher Shoes are fug.  Think clunky Mary Janes and Danskos...

Sorry but no. I'm sure they're comfy as hale, but that sh!t is just not me. Plus I am committed to the idea of being a hot teacher. So I appealed to the Internet for help finding cute shoes with support, please! And like magic: Crocs. Don't get ahead of me - Crocs make plenty of cute shoes and here is the proof:

I bought these - they look like regular flats, yes?
The reviews say they feel like slippers. Sign me up.

Ruffles? I'll take them.
Preppy AND cute!
I love boots! These are next on my list.
Should my Crocs not work out, I got plenty of other great suggestions - Dr. Scholl's (duh), Cole Haan, Clarks, Toms (not so sure about the support in Toms..), Børn, Tory Burch (who knew!). Unfortunately, NONE of these are cheap shoes.. my Crocs were pretty inexpensive so I've got my fingers crossed.

What kind of shoes do you wear to work?


  1. Please update and let us readers know how the crocs flats work out. I ordered three EXPENSIVE (~$90) Softspot shoes and my feet are killing me. I broke down and ordered (and express shipped) the "clunky, fug" mary janes you talked about above. They are Birkenstocks and my feet are thanking me so much for it. But they are DEF unappealing to look at. And I can't wear the same shoes every day. So you have to let me know how the crocs work out. Good luck w/ them!

  2. i must have magic feet - because in all my years of retail, i either wore doc martens (at b&n, when i wasn't allowed to wear sneakers) or slip-on converse (at homegoods, where they DO allow sneakers). and i never wore inserts or anything. i even wore converse for the first two months of this new job, until a girl told me to get real sneakers, because she got shin splints from all the walking! so now i wear sauconys everyday. i hope you find a comfortable (and not stupid expensive) and totally fashionable shoe, ella!

    p.s. i am writing you back today!! it's on my to-do list.

  3. I will def report back. The Softspots aren't comfy!!?

  4. Sneakers are fine.. it's anything BUT sneakers that gets me in trouble so far. I think I might have to get a pair of Puma Speed Cats since they're not very sneaker-y looking.. What Sauconys do you wear now?

  5. When we tweeted about teacher shoes, Dansko's were the first thing that came to mind! hahaha

    I hope the crocs work out...they have always been on my mind to purchase. Love the ruffles on those heels!

  6. After my 1st day of substitute teaching (I wore high heels...so dumb!) I went out and bought a cute pair of Aerosoles...I can make it about 5 hours, but after that my feet are killing me :( Love to hear how the Crocs work out!

  7. saucony jazz low pro!

    here's the zappos link:

    they don't have the colour that i wear now, which is black with light blue and orange (i LOVE them!), but they are comfy and cute and come in a ton of different colours. :)

  8. oooo! I had a pair of those back in my scene days.. they ARE MAD COMFY!! Good thinking, Rach :)

  9. oh my goshhhh, I WISH I could wear heels! I think I would die haha. you must be Superwoman.

  10. hahah Dansko and those fug clunky sneaker-type shoes. NO THANK YOU.

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