12 January 2011

Pity Party

I don't necessarily like posting about my personal sh!t, but I've been feeling like a blob for awhile.  I had some allergy/autoimmune problems last year and they're starting to act up again (but I have health insurance this time around, haHA!).  I don't know about you guys, but it's really hard for me to get things done when I'm feeling gross.  Since my allergies are mostly respiratory, it's been tough to work out on any kind of regular basis, and feeling sick for so long makes me feel badly for myself... comfort food + limited exercise = blob.

yep, this is me.
I've been trying to keep track of what I eat lately in an effort to limit the comfort food, but not knowing when my lungs will be able to run again really bums me out (even brisk walking makes me wheezy right now, wahh).  I'm also trying to focus on things that I enjoy but haven't been making time for - like taking pictures and knitting.  What do you guys do when you're in a funk?

P.S. I promise that my next post will be more fun.


  1. I'm sorry you're in a funk girl! Usually, I depend on Matt to force me out of it, haha, but before him, I would try and do something positive with my time. I would organize something. I would go through clothes and get rid of a few things. I would make one scrapbook page. Just something small that is a positive use of time.

    Being "in public" helps you to forget about yourself for a while too. I would call my bff and make her go to happy hour at some dive bar with me. Just kind of made me realize I'm not the only person on Earth and the world doesn't revolve around me, ya know?

    My most negative approach is to drink a bottle of wine and piss people off on the internet. Don't do this.

  2. Arrgh, I hate that feeling. When I feel like I'm getting sick or just lethargic I try to cut out all or most sugars since it's an inflammatory. It's not always easy but I've found it helps.

    I also just started tracking my food again at Livestrong because I've been working out (P90x) but haven't been losing anything. I was under the impression that I wasn't really eating that much, well expect for month of December (that was just a disaster and I know that blob feeling too well). Turns out I wasn't during the day and then I would overeat at night, like WAY overeat. It's kind of a pain but right now but I kind of need it. Hopefully you'll find it helpful.

    As for getting out of a funk. When I can't run I love just going out to West Cliff (same place where I go running & you'll see what I mean if you google west cliff santa cruz) and sitting for awhile to feel the waves crash against the cliffs. There's something about sitting outside and breathing fresh air that just makes me feel better so much better.

    Your funk will pass and hopefully soon.