24 January 2011

Day 1

Phew. I made it!

My first day of student teaching was pretty good - I don't take over teaching till next Monday - but it was TIRING! I blame my exhaustion on a combination of three things: my anticipation, standing all day, and no lunch. I packed a salad, an apple, and a Larabar, but when lunchtime rolled around, my host teacher pulled out a piece of candy.. and that's it! I felt awkward about spreading out my delicious lunch (and there were only two more periods till the end of school) so I just ate my apple. This of course resulted in a full out BINGE once I got home. Must work on that.

I made overnight oats for breakfast and hoolordy, they were amazing.  I used equal parts oatmeal, vanilla yogurt, and skim milk, and added cinnamon to soak overnight; this morning they were a little too wet for my liking, so I'll adjust the ratio tonight.  Any other overnight oats eaters out there?  What ratio do you use?

I'm pretty excited to start teaching; the kids are SO goofy and funny.  I've got a lot of work to do on my lesson plans, though - I was wayyy too ambitious!  No work tonight - just rest. :)  Tomorrow I'll think about taking some pictures for the Internet.

P.S. Can we please talk about how AMAZING and ADDICTIVE Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Stars are?  Somebody stop me.


  1. Glad to hear your first day went well. Also, who eats one piece of candy for lunch? Cray-zay. We'll have to do lunch soon!

  2. Don't let your eating habits turn into your teacher's! I can't even imagine not eating lunch during the day...I wouldn't be able to function!

    I haven't made overnight oats but I've heard they can be delicious. I'll have to try it!

    Can't wait to hear stories about your kiddos :)

  3. no lunch was ROUGH, but I learned my lesson - ugh :(
    I fully endorse overnight oats. I just made tomorrow's batch and used Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein instead of milk.. hoping it'll thicken it up a bit.

  4. i meant to say good luck BEFORE you had your first day - but i'm glad it went well! good luck for day two, then, i suppose! and eat that lunch! :)

  5. How fun your student teaching! You would be so good at that.
    I love overnight oats! I haven't made them in forever but I think I might tonight. That sounds really good right now. :)

  6. oooo, what do you put in your overnight oats?