02 December 2010

TiLT #11

I'm thinking about switching Things I Love Thursday formats.  My favorite is always Honorable Mentions, so next week I'm going to try doing it ENTIRELY as Little Favorites.  Feedback is welcomed & appreciated. ;)

Dove's Lemongrass & Grapefruit scent ♥ I know this one is weird.  But the Lemongrass & Grapefruit flavor smells just like candy and I can't get enough of it.  It goes nicely with Pink Sugar which is good, since the scent is pretty strong (not that I'm sniffing my armpits all day or anything.. :shock: you would too if they smelled like this!).  Also, apparently I am 9 years old.

Ruffles ♥ If my Cyber Monday purchases were any indication, I am completely obsessed with ruffles. Hear me out: they're girly & pretty AND they camouflage "problem areas" like it ain't no thang.  Yes please!

Google Calendar ♥ I have a very special place in my heart for things like planners and notebooks (and office supplies in general), but I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that paper is over. I bought a Moleskine as usual for 2010 but I haven't used it very much, so I'm going to try a combination of Google Calendar and GMail Tasks for 2011. Since my phone is Google-based, I'm pretty sure this will only be a catastrophe and not a disaster. Will report back.

Cookie Monster on SNL ♥ It is my sincerest hope that you've all seen Cookie Monster's YouTube video and liked his FB page.  If you haven't, you now have no excuse.  Macarooner!

Little Things ♥ Clean laundry ♥ Wired magazine ♥ Meager Tuesday (get it? Instead of Fat Tuesday.. ha) ♥ Fresh coffee! ♥ Christmas cards purchased on the cheap ♥ Polyvore ♥ December ♥ Chocolate Peppermint Bark cookies (hands down #1 ultimate best ever most favorite cookies!) ♥ Obsessively tracking my online orders ♥ Mini-book club ♥ Marshall's (/TJ Maxx/Ross/whatever equivalent you've got!) ♥ Christmas presents :D ♥ Making my bed ♥ Wegmans' labeling of vegan items ♥ Twinkle lights & candles ♥ Warm toes ♥


  1. How will you survive when you move back to STL without a Wegmans?!

    And I use my Moleskine a ton (this is my 3rd year I think). However, if I ever get an iPhone, I might switch to google calendar. I'm not loving my Blackberry enough to use it for my calendar too.

  2. Love these Eleanor! How did you get it to SNOW!!? You are so fancy. Look...it is even snowing on my comment.. amazing!! xoxo Marm party this Saturday...you could TOTALLY make it!:)

  3. Leaving Wegmans causes me lots of ANGST!! But since Boyfriend is usually the grocery shopper, hopefully I'll survive ;D

    Moleskine completes me, but I have gone literally an entire month without opening mine so I just can't bring myself to spend the money. I bet iPhone would be great for scheduling and planning (and also playing lots of games mwahah).

  4. Leigh you're so sweet! But I can't take any credit for my blog-snow; it's entirely WordPress' fault! I caaaaan't wait for the Marmalade website to go live - you know I would live in a sleeping bag under a table in Marm if you'd let me! ;)

  5. I so have to watch Cookie Monsters bid for SNL. I can't believe I haven't done that yet. And what marmalade website do you speak of?

  6. Chocolate Peppermint Bark cookies sound divine! And Dove's lemongrass scent is such a refreshing start to my day :D

  7. Just bought my holiday dress at urban outfitters-- could never go bad with ruffles :)

    http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=19008036&itemdescription=true&navAction=jump&search=true&isProduct=true&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS I bought it in Cream :)

    Great post my dear!

    xx Cathy

  8. Oh PLEASE, you must try the cookies!! They're so delicious; I have to give them away every time I make them so that I don't eat them all.

  9. omg Kristen what are you waiting for!?? ;P
    Marmalade is a store that Leigh owns (and that I used to work at) and they're finally launching an online store next week!

  10. Oh that dress is ADORABLE!! Wonderful purchase ;)

  11. YES!! Exactly what I was going for. Has mama read it?