18 November 2010

TiLT #10

Right now I'm a little bit obsessed with my Former Life... 2008 wasn't my easiest year, but it was definitely one of my best: I started it off in Boston, moved back to New York, met Boyfriend, and began my first semester of grad school.  You'll forgive me if my TiLTs are a bit nostalgic or old school.

Pretzel M&M's ♥ I can never spell "pretzel" correctly the first time and I didn't even LIKE this candy the first time I tried it, but now I can't stop. They're the most perfect combination of salty and sweet and they are going to make me gain ten pounds.

Law & Order: SVU ♥ So addicting.  I'd never paid much attention to the Law & Order series or it's spinoffs, but Boyfriend got me hooked on SVU when I visited him in October.  I found all ten seasons on Netflix Instant and my new life goal is to watch every. single. episode.  Aw yeah.

Free time ♥ Not the time I waste procrastinating on a paper, or the extra hour of sleep I get because I'm avoiding reading for class. When everything is done and I can fluff up my pillows, light a candle, and read my book (or watch SVU ;) ).

Tretorn's "Skerry Vinter" boots ♥ I've lived in a snowy city for my entire life but haven't owned a decent pair of winter boots since I realized that the "duck boots" my parents kept making me wear were ugly.  Last winter I spent over $100 on a giant pair of Sorel boots, only to have them sit in the back of my closet, still in their box.  I finally convinced myself that just having winter boots wasn't enough - I needed winter boots that I would wear.  Enter Tretorn's Skerry boots.  They are adorable, reasonably priced rubber rain boots with a fuzzy lining and I highly recommend them.  Having waterproof feet is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

Little Favorites ♥ My new header! ♥ Having a weekly schedule ♥ "Holiday" makeup - shimmery eyes and pretty pink lips ♥ Long morning walks that leave me comfortably sore ♥ New-to-me delicious foods (can you believe I hated hummus until recently!?) ♥ A warm bed and cozy lights at the end of a long day ♥ HP & The Deathly Hallows, part I ♥ The relief and blessing of good health ♥ Theme nights with my favorite girls ♥ Rediscovering Animal Crossing! (btw, does anyone have a DSi XL, and if so, please tell me that the graphics are better than the DS Lite) ♥ Mos Def for President ♥ Having something to look forward to ♥ The placebo effect ♥ NaNoWriMo ♥ Guilt-less spending ♥ Reading for pleasure ♥ The first ever Change Your Life Challenge - comment on Monica's post to join the email group! ♥

I'm so glad to be back. :D


  1. They're so good! The regular ones (not the Vinter boots) come in super cute colors but I needed the fuzziness :D

  2. i have a ds xl because rudy bought it for me and my bad eyes. i don't really know that the graphics are better, but the screen is HUGE! so if that's what you're looking for, then it's pretty great.

    also, i got your letter today! i'll be writing you back this weekend! :)