30 September 2010

TiLT #8

Having Someone to do things For You. ♥ Like a Good Boyfriend, mine likes to do things For Me; I've been known to tell him that I can do it myself because.. well, I can be a brat sometimes.  On Tuesday I really needed someone to do things For Me.  I accidentally took my antibiotics on an empty stomach, giving myself a terrible horrible no good very bad stomach ache. :( I put myself straight to bed, but I really could have used a Handsome Boyfriend to rub my back and kiss my hair and pull the covers up when I got cold.

The tellyvision. ♥ So good!!  I finally got around to watching this week's episodes of GG & Glee and all I have to say is - it's Brittany.. bitch.  I've always loved Brittany because she's dumb hilarious but oh. my. god.  Girl can DANCE.  And I will be very disappointed if she doesn't present the promised Ke$ha song next week.  Ms. Spears' cameos were nice but her acting was so bad.. so, so bad... And speaking of bad, could the teaser for next week's episode of GG have made it any more obvious that Eva is a porn star?  (My apologies to those that hadn't figured it out.  Go watch again and tell me if you agree!)  I just can't figure out what Juliet's deal is.. and it's driving me crazy!

Music that makes me feel like fall. ♥ Sigur Rós.  The Pride & Prejudice OST.  Yiruma.  Detektivbyrån.  Yann Tiersen.  matt pond PA.  Band of Horses.  The Album Leaf.  This Will Destroy You.  Explosions in the Sky.  Contemplative and quiet.  Good homework music too!  Always open to musical suggestions.

Petits Favoris. ♥ Half coffee, half hot chocolate (must. stop. drinking.) ♥ Buying perfect gifts for P (time will tell if they're really "perfect"!!). ♥ Reading Gala Darling's weekly favorites - she is, after all, the original Thursday Lover! ♥ Getting an amazing hairs cut from a fellow Curly Girl. ♥ Finally finishing two weeks of antibiotics. ♥ Productive rainy days. ♥ Still missing London. ♥ Painting my nails! ♥ Taking a "day off" and not feeling guilty about it. ♥ Outlawing negative attitudes and comments on my blog (As my wise and lovely sister says, "I will not expend my limited energy on hostile interactions with close-minded people.") ♥ My intense crush on Gossip Girl - I mean, Kristen Bell - and excitement for her new movie. ♥ Okay, actually all the fresh movies coming out this fall. (And some that have already come out, too!)


  1. You have the happiest blog, how could anyone make a negative comment? You're right you sooooo don't have time for that.

    Have you seen You Again? Very funny. I went with my mom last Friday. It was one of those impulse movies where we just said we need a break even if it is for just a few hours. We laughed and completely forgot about everything else that was going on.

    As for Glee this week, it was fun and Brit was amazing and hilarious as always. "My name is Britney S. Pears. I've been living in her shadow my entire life..." Like you I was disappoint in the other Brittney just because she can be really funny - remember her cameo in the final season of Will & Grace and every time she's been on SNL. Looking forward. I was on itunes and they've put up a pre-order for the music in the Rocky Horror Episode!!! I think it's only 2 weeks away!!!!

    It's time for me to go work out. I hope you have a great day.


  2. Ugh I had a HUGE reply to you typed out and my BROWSER CRASHED. Don't you love technology? (Well, yeah. I do. But, w/e).
    I'm so glad that you liked 'You Again' - it's so hard to tell with some movies!! I think especially "chick flicks" are hard to judge.. sometimes they all look the same! But I'll go see anything with Kristen Bell! :D

    My goshhhh, Glee has been so gooood so far! The Real Britney seemed so awkward, though. You're right, she can be hilarious - mostly when she's poking fun at herself though? Idk maybe it's just me. I'm so excited for the rest of the season!