21 September 2010


Inexplicably missing my glamourous European lifestyle..

Pain au chocolat and coffee for late morning breakfast
Reading among the fall leaves at Hyde Park
Watching the seasons change and enjoying beautiful London traditions
The only thing I'll never miss about London - no one ever says "bless you" to sneezes.  I got looked at like I was crazy (or rude!) the first few times I said it. Do we have any British folks who can explain it..?


  1. Shocking as this may sound... I didn't like London!
    It reminded me a lot of Los Angeles or New York (only with better architecture). I just big cities are just too fast paced and hectic for me :) When I was in Europe, I preferred the slower, less rushed pace of Dublin and Edinburgh!

  2. I wasn't crazy about London but I LOVED Paris and all of small towns in Spain. Pain au chocolate and cafe au lait is what I lived on for months. So wish I could do that here. Well, the (European) coffee part is still a habit but not the chocolate part.

  3. I never made it to Edinburgh but it looks SO BEAUTIFUL, I'm dying to go! You should post pictures :D

  4. Oh, Paris... PARIS..! Let's not start on PARIS!! ;) I didn't get to spend much time in Paris but enough to understand the obsession (and to fall completely in love with the city myself). The Tuileries alone are enough for me!

  5. I'm telling you 70 degress is our average year round temp. However, the sad part is that we're in late September and I'm just now finally starting to get tomatoes (which is not normal).