05 August 2010

TiLT #1

If anyone reads Gala Darling then you know that Things I Love Thursday is a Gala tradition.  This is my first week participating, hooray!

♥ Fluffy bunnies.  The Daily Bunny is like crack for me.  I most especially love these two mischievous buns. I have loved bunnies since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, but my mother insists that they are rodents (false) and would never let me have one.  Wah.  >:(

The overturning of H8 & the upholding of Love.  Yesterday Federal Judge Vaughn Walker overturned California's voter approved (and highly controversial) Proposition 8, which banned same sex marriages, ruling that it violated the U.S. Constitution. Love is love, y'all.  More love for everyone ♥!

Pretty Little Liars.  Okay so this is a two part love - I love the show and I love the books.  And I can love them both equally because the show isn't really following the books' story line.  Five friends are torn apart when one of them goes missing and turns up dead. It is 100% mindless trashy summer fun.  Plus, all of the actors are good looking (And who knew Aria could sing!  That name's not for nothin!).

Taking care of myself. I get a weekly e-newsletter from my favorite running shop that inspired my 21 days post and since then, I've been really into making changes.  It's only been a few days (okay, two!) but reminding myself that it only takes 21 days to form a habit is great motivation.  I've been eating better (an apple a day!) and going to the gym every morning, and I even took my nail polish off and have been flossing too! :mrgreen:  Good for me.

♥ Reconnecting with Old Friends. Letting go just feels so much better. We could all use a few more friends, couldn't we?

Honorable Mention. Green Goodness (helping vegetable-haters like myself get servings of vegetables!); making my bed every morning; vitamin E lotion, even though it smells like old ladies; the new Arcade Fire album, "The Suburbs"; having routines (does that make me a little neurotic..?); Sub Zero water bottles; complaining about how long it takes for BlackBerrys to start up but never ever having iPhone envy; mid-afternoon naps with Neko cat; fresh laundry smell; quitting Facebook; chocolate milk; True Blood; allergy medication that works (is there such a thing?); Shark Week.


  1. I really love this post!
    Those bunnies are the cutest thing ever! I tried to convince my boyfriend to let us get a bunny but he said they are terrible pets! I refuse to believe it. A girl once came in to my work with a bunny on a leash and I have been in love ever since! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Your boyfriend is a Hater!! :cry: I don't know if I could ever have a bunny for a pet.. one of Boyfriend's coworkers offered us one her baby bunnies but I was too nervous. I know how to take care of cats and dogs, not bunnies!! I will still love on them on the Internet, though ;)

  3. Great post - that first image is too cute. You can't help but smile.

  4. Thanks! Bunnies pretty much do it for me too :)

  5. But I'm a Scorpio so I don't really know how to. Sounds good, though!

  6. Bunnies are cute, but they chew holes my clothes. I choose my clothing!

    Also, I like LETTING GO.