29 August 2010

Last Night of Summer

Autumn is hands down my favorite season, but there's something undeniably magical about summer, especially late summer.

Appropriately, someone fell asleep in the sun this afternoon and will be spending her last night of summer not out on the town, but on the couch, applying aloe vera and drinking lots of water. :oops: Hope your school bags are packed & organized and your alarms are set!  Get plenty of beauty sleep tonight, lovelies. ♥


  1. Try egg whites on your burns. One of my chef friends told me about it awhile ago. Last Wednesday I burned myself on one of my pot handles and I immediately put an egg while on the burn. The pain went away and it stated healing immediately! I'm not sure if it works with sun burns but it can't hurt to try?

  2. Sounds like you have soaked up every last drop of summer. I will miss the long summer evenings and the early sunrises for sure. I hope you too have a wonderful start to your school year. Thank you so very much for the well wishes. :)

  3. THANKFULLY it didn't end up being that bad! I was hot pink and in pain the day it happened but I woke up looking like a somewhat normal person yesterday. I haven't gotten a sunburn in YEARS - I'm usually pretty careful! :( - but next time I get one I'll have to remember this egg whites trick..\

    (And btw, I'm downloading Pushing Daisies right now! Thank God it's cancelled - I have too many shows to keep up with as it is! But I'm excited to watch it ;))