23 August 2010


I have curls.  Lots and lots of curls.  When I was younger, my curly hair was the bane of my existence and appearance.  I was constantly fawned over by adults for it and compared to former child stars that I didn't know (Shirley Temple?  Oh, cool.  Thanks...).  As an adult I've come to accept my curls, but there's still one thing I wish my hair could do: braids.

So pretty and feminine and versatile. You straight haired ladies don't even know how good you have it.


  1. I always hated my curls too but I am finally starting to appreciate them.
    People always thought that my sister and I were the "Pepsi Girl" from the commercials when we were growing up :)

  2. i love the fishtail braid!! so cute!

  3. Oh, girl! Let me braid your hair!! I'm the big sister again!

  4. The fishtail is my favorite too! Oh how I wish my hair would do that....

  5. Haha! Oh my gosh don't hate me.. but you totally DO look like the Pepsi girl!! In a good way, of course. She was so adorbs!
    Curls are for winners, anyway. Internet high five.